Francesca Miotti

hand-weaver, textile artist

Born in Padova (Italy), 1996 

Live and work in London 

By researching into childhood’s exploratory play, I aim to translate  spontaneous actions and responses into hand-woven layered and  tridimensional structures, combining materials’ sensory and sculptural properties.  

I focus on hand-weaving as my main media, questioning the idea of cloth and relating to the technical elements of the process to allow a  more conscious experience with materials and their qualities.  

Following a research into the introduction of textiles in early education  as a creative learning tool, I started documenting my workshops’  processes and outcomes, gathering information on children’s  spontaneous responses and actions towards materials.  

I then started translating these exploratory acts, such as pulling,  folding, turning inside-out, into hand-woven structures and surfaces.  I use weaving as a sculptural process, enhancing materials natural and  spontaneous behaviour towards the structures applied to them once  combined and released from the loom’s tension.

Francesca Miotti Textiles Designer based in London